Oleksii Tovpyha. Dad’s Space

Dad was born in 1948 in a large industrial city. In Kharkiv. His childhood coincided with the era of the conquest of outer space, when the first man flew into the outer space and every boy dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Dad studied electronic engineering and worked at the Proton plant including on secret military projects. After the collapse of the USSR, he began to get involved in esoterics, astrology, magic, Radasteya, alternative medicine, conspiracy theories. Everything that is nonsense to me and my mother, apparently helped him to keep in touch with reality in the difficult new era of independent Ukraine. In the 2000s, he lost his job and retired. He fell ill with diabetes mellitus, was stubborn and did not believe doctors of orthodox medicine, so he treated himself. Several years ago, his leg rotted and had to be cut off. He received the third degree of disability. He hardly moved, hardly left the land plot of our country house. He spent most of his time in his room, where in June 2020, I made these photos. In July of the same year, he suffered a heart attack, and in October, his heart simply stopped, which is cause of death for most men over 60. He died.

Dad’s Space No1 – No20, 2020


An artist and photographer born in Kharkiv, 1989. A professional mathematician, until 2020, worked at the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences. Since 2015, a participant of several exhibitions in Ukraine and Russia and the winner of NonStopMedia VIII, 2016. Since 2018, works as a professional photographer at many Ukrainian theaters.