Alina Proroka. Nursing Home. Solitude. Tears on the Wrinkled Face.

Almost all of us dream of living to a happy old age. Many of us imagine a cozy home, a large family and grandchildren, some of us imagine somewhat different, but certainly no one imagines themselves abandoned and lonely.

A month ago I was called by caring people with a request to take pictures of lonely old people to give them cups with pictures printed on them. To please them, to make them feel good. Volunteers of the «Roby Dobro» team help those in need, in various difficult situations with food, clothing, etc. I went with them and didn’t think it would change my conscience …

Of course, mentally I was prepared for heavy emotions and still did not expect what my soul experienced. It was both a joyful and sad day. We were greeted with smiles and hugs, but then almost every one of these elderly people cried as they told their life story. We took each one by the hand, hugged, chatted, and cried together. I didn’t take pictures at such moments, it’s too intimate. That’s why I called this project “Tears on Wrinkles.” The seniors were so grateful for the simple sight. We gave them candy, and they started giving us candy as well. These people are poor, but rich in spirit. A person who feels lonely is different, she has such a strong longing in her eyes and the need to communicate with all kinds of people.

I found out about this contest completely by chance from my girlfriend, and I sent the application in general on the last day. My friends saw these works and were very worried, began to ask to take them next time. Thanks to this, I realized that this is a very important topic. I’m very happy that I passed the contest, now people will learn something very important and maybe someone’s eyes will be opened and their perception will change, as it happened to me. I have a lot of friends and a good family. Or do I imagine that I will have such an old age?! Of course not! But they didn’t think so either. Let’s not condemn the relatives (those single – who have them) of the difficult life circumstances in which they find themselves, let’s support the lovely elderly people at the end of their hard life with caring.

Path to the Empty House.

A single grandmother greeted us with a smile. We entered the house: it was tidy, cozy, smelled of childhood memories.

Overwhelming Despair.

But then the tears started running down and she shared a tragic story of her life: the son has died, the daughter has suffered two strokes, lives far away and cannot help. The old lady’s hands are shaking, one can feel her pain of loneliness. The social worker is the only friend who brings bread and listens to her.

The reality is in little details.

Ivan Sobotiaka, 65 years old, his children live abroad, there is no other family that could take care of him. He welcomed us with a hug.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of the good?!

Viktor Bykhovets, 67, was injured in an accident and cannot take care of himself. And as children do not want to take care of him, he lives in a nursing home. You can see kindness and loneliness in his eyes

Not only the one who can’t see is blind.

An adorable granny. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t look up at us, small and fragile as a girl, she seemed to freeze as she was carefully tying a headscarf to look good in the photo. It turned out, that she was blind.

Unspeakable expressiveness

Mykola Oliinyk, 66, got divorced with his wife, used to live alone, but his house burned down. Since then he’s been living in the nursing home for 11 years. After he suffered a stroke 4 months ago, he’s been in a wheelchair ever since. When we arrived, he wanted to say something, but the disease didn’t let him speak and he started crying, so we held hands, felt the pain of his inability to speak…

Tears on the wrinkled face.

Lidiia Overchuk, 86 years old, single, no children or family. She has lived in the home for 4 years.

Nadiia (hope) has some hope!

Nadiia Ponomarenko, 68, her son tragically died, after which she had a stroke, so she ended up in a nursing home, as there is no one else in the family. She is radiant, with hope and love in her eyes.

A warm smile.

Amicable, friendly, warm, happy to receive the team of Do Good and the treats

Divergent thinking. Care is the solution.

The last man standing, the one who has not abandoned, but takes care of his elderly mother. Anyone can contribute and help people who need it.


Alina Proroka 27.03.1989 Photographer.

Graduated from the National Aviation University and the Salvador Dali Art Institute with a degree in interior design.

I have been fascinated by creative work since I was a child : I sing, draw, compose poems and dance.

Mother of two sons.

I have a personal tragedy: since 2020, I am a widow.

I love life and people.

I collect life stories, capture touching moments with the help of my camera.

I dedicate all my success and achievements to the brightest and kindest person I have ever met in my life, my husband – Victor Proroka.

The photos were taken in 2021